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We use any possible means to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible however, in certain situations it isn’t feasible to keep the tooth i.e. if heavily broken down and is deemed to have a poor long-term future.

Understandably, losing a tooth is a worrying prospect for anyone but our dentists have a very calming manner to help you to understand why it is necessary to remove as well as discuss your options to replace the tooth should you choose to.

From the initial assessment of the tooth needing extracting, if the dentist deems the extraction to be quite complex, they can plan to have the tooth surgically removed by a highly qualified oral surgeon. This makes the procedure much more comfortable and quicker for you as a patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

We always numb a patient before any extraction with fast acting local anaesthesia. Before proceeding with the extraction, the dentist also does a check to ensure you’re sufficiently numb before proceeding. If during the procedure you’re experiencing any pain, remember, you’re in control! You can raise your hand to alert your dentist who can then administer more anaesthesia as necessary.

Will I need time off work?

It isn’t usually necessary to take time off work following an extraction however, if the extraction is deemed complicated then the dentist may advise that you take the rest of the day off.


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  • I can’t explain how much difference ‘my new teeth’ have made to my quality of life.

    Ms R
  • Three years ago you gave me the best Christmas present I have ever had. I dont think you realise how much it changed my life when I got my ‘new teeth’ and I really appreciate it.

    Ms R
  • All the staff are so friendly from the moment you walk into the practice. It’s such a lovely atmosphere.

    Mrs B
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