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Quick Braces
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Quick Braces

The most common form of braces used to straighten teeth is metal braces. At Forest Road Dental Practice we endeavour to always provide the most up to date and discreet methods of treating your concerns. We are registered providers for both, Quick Straight Teeth and Six Months Smiles teeth straightening systems that make use of much more discreet ceramic tooth braces rather than the quite noticeable and unsightly metal alternative.

Quick Straight Teeth and Six Months Smiles essentially work in the same way as traditional metal braces in that they involve using a series of tooth coloured, ceramic brackets and orthodontic wires which are carefully positioned by your dentist on to each of your teeth. The teeth are then gradually moved into the desired position over time using gentle forces.

The treatment usually takes between 6-9 months however, this varies depending on the complexity of the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of ceramic braces?

They are nearly tooth coloured and so far more aesthetic than metal braces.

Will I need retainers after the treatment?

Usually some sort of retainer is needed and recommended.


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  • I can’t explain how much difference ‘my new teeth’ have made to my quality of life.

    Ms R
  • Three years ago you gave me the best Christmas present I have ever had. I dont think you realise how much it changed my life when I got my ‘new teeth’ and I really appreciate it.

    Ms R
  • All the staff are so friendly from the moment you walk into the practice. It’s such a lovely atmosphere.

    Mrs B
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